King Mindon

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Ruled 1853 - 1879

King Mindon had come to power after the successful overthrow of King Bagan, an operation assisted by his younger brother Prince Kanaung.

King Mindon tented to concentrate on religious matters and leave the niceties of secular rule to his brother, but in 1866 Prince Kanaung was assassinated in an unsuccessful revolt inspired by princes Myingun and Myin Kon Tain. It was perhaps as a result of this coup that King Mindon did not appoint anohter successor until, upon his deathbed in 1879, the scheming Central Queen secured the appointment of her weak son-in-law, prince Theebaw, and her daughter, Supayalat, as successors with her as regent. The unpopular regime collapsed in the British annexation of Mandalay and upper Myanmar in 1885.