Ludu Daw Amar

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(29 November 1915 - 7 April 2008)

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MYANMAR’S FOREMOST woman writer and journalist Ludu Daw Amar died on Monday (April 7) at the Mandalay General Hospital. She suffered a heart attack. She was 92 and was admitted to hospital on Sunday. Married to U Hla, she became an assistant editor in 1945 in the Ludu newspaper and soon became a member of the editorial board. Desiring peace for the people in a strife torn country Ludu Daw Amar in 1950 involved herself in the peace for Myanmar activity and global peace activity. After her husband was arrested in 1953 she began writing the newspaper’s editorials. Such was her popularity in Myanmar that her birthday on November 25 was celebrated each year at Taung Lay Lone Monastery, Mandalay and famous writers, journalists and pro-democracy activists from across Myanmar came over to wish her. (Source: MeriNews)