Prince Kanaung

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Quick Facts

Born: 1819 Died: 8 June 1866 Father: HM King Tharrawaddy (1786 - Nov. 1846)

Crown Prince Kanaung was a half-brother of King Mindon. He was the confidante and had helped the King in seizing power from King Bagan in 1853. Prince Kanaung was a stateman, reformer with stimulating personality.

In Myanmar history, Prince Kanaung made attempts to establish an industrialized nation and some people were sent abroad for further studies. It is found that the standard of the industries of Myanmar in those days was high.

Prince Kanaung died due to the evil feudalism. He was assasinated by King Mindon's own sons, Princes Myingun (or Myint Kun) and Myin Kon Taing, who were disappointed in being excluded from the succession, in an unsuccessful rebellion on 18th June 1866. Other three princes: Malun, Saku, and Pyinsi, were also killed.

The country fell under the rule of British as there was lack of support and encouragement to the production of ordnance. Technologies in hand were destroyed by the British.