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Myanmar's Thingyan water festival falls in the middle of April according to Myanmar calendar and the festival lasts for four days after which the new year day comes. Among the 12 traditional seasonable festivals of Myanmar, the water festival is known as the merriest one. Myanmar people spend the day by doing deeds of merit such as washing heads of elderly people with scented water and setting free animals such as bird and fish.

In the olden days, Myanmar people used to sprinkle water gently with leaves in one another as a traditional way of holding the festival, but it has developed for a long time into a way that people are throwing water and splashing with water-gun and even with plastic pipes being joined to water pumps to create throwing force to increase pleasure.

Water is a symbol of cleanliness and auspiciousness. Myanmar people believe that celebration of the water festival can wash away evils and sins accumulated in the old days and prepare for the new one, bringing the people into a happy new year.